Financial planning is our passion.

Most bank or insurance advisors only advise clients on the assets or products they manage. This leads to a patchwork of products instead of an optimization of the overall situation. We on other hand link all your existing assets, risk components and 'human capital'.

We accompany you holistically and understand the outcome in each individual financial planning area.

Pension advice / planning

The Swiss social security system is divided into multiple areas. We‘ll calculate and show you your personal benefits resul- ting from each area in the event of death, disability and retirement. Said calculation thereafter allows us to create your tailor- made pension strategy. Together with our network partners, we protect your inter- ests by ways of a Patient Decree, Advance Directive and more.

Investment advice

As part of our independent financial planning, we take your entire portfolio into account, thus ensuring that your assets and liabilities are hedged. Based on your personal asset situation, needs and wis- hes, we organise the management of your assets with the aim of reducing risks and optimising returns.

Estate planning

Matrimonial property and inheritance law is regulated. We will explain the laws to you, analyze current contracts and go over your disposition options: a will, marriage contract, inheritance contract or lifetime donations.

Tax planning

We analyze your assets and show you how you can optimise your overall return, net of tax, making even more of your money. We accompany you from the planning stage to the development of the right solution.

Company succession

Planning a business succession is demanding. Yet many owners deal with it too late. Those who make the right decisions early on and take the necessary measures increase their room for manoeuvre and can save a lot of money. By means of succession planning, you will know your options with all the advantages and challenges. Together we will design the best possible process and provide you with the necessary decision-making aids.


Conflict-free advice

As we advise on a fee basis, neutral advice is guaranteed. Our approach is clearly structured and is always geared to the individual situation of your personal goals and wishes.

The first contact

The consultation phase

The implementation phase

The individual support


Our independence

The core of our partnership lies in intellectual and institutional independence and the lasting foundation of mutual respect and trust. The interests and needs of our clients are entirely our focus. Therefore, we act and advise on a fee basis so that we can focus exclusively on your goals without any conflicts of interest.


We want to give our clients back control over their wealth development and risk protection to realise their financial goals and aspirations. Expand their 'financial literacy' through our blog.

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