Financial planning is our passion.

Most bank or insurance advisors only advise clients on the assets or products they manage. This leads to a patchwork of products instead of an optimization of the overall situation. We on other hand link all your existing assets, risk components and 'human capital'.

Your future starts today: Master your retirement planning with us!

Holistic Support

Our expertise extends beyond retirement planning. We provide comprehensive financial guidance that includes areas such as strategic asset allocation, estate planning, and tax optimization. Our holistic approach ensures that you enjoy financial security and efficiency at every stage of life.

Estate and Tax Planning

A significant part of retirement planning is preparing for the future of your loved ones. We assist you in maintaining control over your legacy by conducting comprehensive estate planning that respects your wishes and considers marital and inheritance law. Simultaneously, we maximize the growth of your assets through strategic tax planning by finding effective ways to minimize your tax burden and optimize your returns, even during your retirement.

Business Succession Planning

We understand that your professional endeavors are a vital part of your legacy. Proactive business succession planning safeguards the fruits of your hard work and ensures that your business remains in good hands in the future. Through early planning, we assist you in making critical decisions that ensure financial stability and maximize your scope of action.

Retirement Planning and Provision

Planning your retirement means making the future tangible. The landscape of retirement planning can be complex and confusing. Our team of experts demystifies the process by breaking down various subject areas and developing strategies tailored to your individual needs and goals. We plan for all eventualities, whether they are unexpected life circumstances or delightful new phases like retirement itself. Our comprehensive retirement planning provides you with the peace and security needed for a worry-free retirement.

Guidance in Wealth Strategy

Our role extends beyond advising; we see ourselves as your long-term companions in wealth strategy. We focus on working with you to create a customized asset allocation that meets your financial and personal goals. Instead of offering direct investment advice, we equip you with the necessary knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions, whether you are in discussions with wealth managers or bank advisors.

Shape your future with us

We invite you to walk the path to a worry-free future with us. Our comprehensive, empathetic, and expert advice ensures that your retirement is what it should be: a time of comfort, freedom, and satisfaction. Contact us today and let's take the first step together.


Conflict-free advice

As we advise on a fee basis, neutral advice is guaranteed. Our approach is clearly structured and is always geared to the individual situation of your personal goals and wishes.

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Our independence

The core of our partnership lies in intellectual and institutional independence and the lasting foundation of mutual respect and trust. The interests and needs of our clients are entirely our focus. Therefore, we act and advise on a fee basis so that we can focus exclusively on your goals without any conflicts of interest.


We want to give our clients back control over their wealth development and risk protection to realise their financial goals and aspirations. Expand their 'financial literacy' through our blog.

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