Our 7 customer promises

Holistic approach – added value thanks to a comprehensive overview

With our holistic and conflict free advice, we provide our clients with the certainty of building the best possible expertise and placing its implementation in the hands of the right providers.

No conflict of interest – committed to the client

In accordance with the law (Art. 183 AVO), we act on behalf of our clients and not on behalf of financial institutions, ensuring our independence.

Scientific consulting approach – evidence-based and non -predictive

We advise exclusively on the basis of established scientific findings – thus evidence-based and forecast-free.

Remuneration - Transparent, simple and fair

Our form of remuneration is simple. lt takes the form of a „risk-/assets-undermanagement fee“ or on a fee basis.

Our approach: efficient and structured

Through our efficient and structured consulting process, we reduce your administration and time burden to the necessary minimum.

Multilingual – we speak your native language

Through our multilingualism (German, English, French, Swedish and Danish), we have an in-depth understanding of the needs of our national and international clients – whether at harne or abroad. We understand you.

Owner-managed – a long-term commitment

This fact generates added value for our customer, which in turn builds and ensures a long-term, committed and personal partnership.

Der Finanzplaner
Philippe Muntwyler

Philippe Muntwyler


Philippe Muntwyler studied Insurance Management in Zurich and is a certified financial planner. For more than fifteen years, he has been assisting his clients in planning and implementing issues relating to pension planning and investment advice. As the founder of derfinanzplaner.ch, he focuses entirely on the interests and needs of his clients. For him, independent and conflict-free advice is therefore the foundation for long-term client benefit.


  • - Master of Advanced Studies ZFH in Insurance Management

  • - Finanzplaner mit eidg. FA

Chantal Heinis Hiroz

Chantal Heinis Hiroz

Innovation and Product Development Manager

After completing her first degree in industrial and organisational psychology at the University of Neuchâtel and a Master's degree in insurance management at the ZHAW, Chantal Heinis Hiroz has been working in the financial and insurance industry for almost 20 years. As a successful project manager of numerous strategic and operational sales projects, she is now an expert in optimisations, innovations and product launches in the area of individual lives and investments. She also has a profound knowledge of sales management with a focus on profitable growth and digitalisation of business processes. For her, customer orientation and satisfaction, processes and efficiency as well as sustainable growth are the top priorities, thus expanding the scope of our advisory services.


  • - Msc Arbeits- und Organisationspsychologie

  • - MAS Insurance Management


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