Our 7 customer promises

"Holistic Foresight": Balance Between Risk and Opportunity

Discover the added value of advice that goes beyond traditional approaches. We delve into the dynamics of the financial world, skillfully balancing risks and boldly seizing opportunities. Our comprehensive approach aims to strengthen your assets while maintaining security to maximize your financial well-being.

"Absolute Customer Focus": Your Goals Are Our Compass

Our consultancy is characterized by an unwavering commitment to your interests. Free from institutional ties, we ensure objective strategies and recommendations based solely on your individual financial goals and circumstances. Our independence is the cornerstone of a serious, trustworthy partnership.

"Science-Based Strategy": Security Through Knowledge

Our strategies are rooted in the solid foundation of scientific research. We demystify the market with clear, data-driven insights and avoid unreliable speculations. In this way, we offer you sound advice that promotes consistency and growth in your financial portfolio.

"Transparent Cost Structure": Unambiguous Clarity

We practice a straightforward, transparent pricing policy. Every aspect of our compensation is clearly outlined, embedding integrity in our professional relationship and setting clear expectations for your financial initiatives.

"Efficiency-Oriented Processes": Precision and Value

Our approach optimizes time and resources. By refining our processes, we guarantee that each interaction is purposeful and value-enhancing, keeping your focus firmly on your financial goals.

"Communicative Expertise": Boundless Communication

Our linguistic diversity is a strategic advantage in a globalized world. We ensure precise communication that captures your needs and provides a platform for detailed, customized financial solutions.

"Committed Partnership": Stable, Trustworthy Collaboration

In our role as your long-term financial partner, the emphasis is on consistency and deep commitment. This foundation fosters a solid trust relationship, bringing stability to your financial decisions and laying the groundwork for sustainable prosperity.

Philippe Muntwyler

Philippe Muntwyler

Your Trailblazer for Financial Well-being and Education


Meet the initiator behind derfinanzplaner.ch, Philippe Muntwyler. His expertise is founded on a solid base in the financial industry, purpose-driven education, and the urge to create authentic solutions. Philippe is the heart and soul of our consulting services, committing himself to contribute to your financial well-being through comprehensive financial planning.

Educational Path:

Philippe honed his academic profile in Zurich, concluding his education with a Master of Advanced Studies ZFH in Insurance Management. This educational journey has not only bestowed upon him profound specialist knowledge but also the ability to forge a symbiotic relationship between theoretical concepts and their practical application. His recognition as a financial planner with a federal diploma (eidg. FA) testifies to his outstanding professional competence and deep commitment to financial education and planning.

Experience and Commitment:

With over fifteen years in the profession, Philippe has penned an impressive success story by guiding his clients through complex financial challenges, particularly in the realms of retirement planning and wealth advice. His unique approach treats clients as co-travelers on their journey to financial security and education. This philosophy, combined with his extensive knowledge, has enabled him to establish and maintain enduring client relationships.


Philippe anchors clients at the core of his advisory philosophy. This concept is deeply embedded in the culture of derfinanzplaner.ch. He advocates the belief that independent advice, led free from conflicts of interest, is the cornerstone for sustainable financial strategies and lasting client profit. His devotion to preserving these values in all aspects of client interaction revolutionizes the quality and integrity of financial advisory practice.

We invite you to discover the power of a committed approach focused on your financial success. Get in touch with Philippe Muntwyler and lay the groundwork for your financial education and secured financial well-being.

Chantal Heinis Hiroz

Chantal Heinis Hiroz

Leadership-Driven Seminar Leader with Expertise in Psychology and Financial Planning


Discover Chantal Heinis Hiroz, our expert in innovation and product development, specializing at the interface between psychology and finance. Chantal leverages her knowledge in work and organizational psychology to devise profound, human-centered strategies in retirement planning. She looks beyond mere financial data, applying psychological insights to create tailored, holistic solutions for financial security and well-being.

Academic Background:

Chantal's educational path includes an MSc in Work and Organizational Psychology and an MAS in Insurance Management. This combination affords her unique insights into the work dynamics of organizations, preparing her to develop impactful strategies in the world of finance and insurance.

Psychology Meets Finance:

Her expertise in work and organizational psychology is a significant advantage when it comes to implementing the concept of Financial Wellbeing within companies. Chantal excels at utilizing psychological findings to forge effective and sustainable programs for financial education, tailored to the specific needs of employees.

Commitment to Financial Literacy:

A core area of Chantal's work is promoting financial education for women. She is convinced that enhancing financial understanding is foundational for empowerment, especially within underrepresented groups. Through targeted educational initiatives, she contributes to building knowledge and confidence in financial matters.

With Chantal Heinis Hiroz, you have an expert by your side who combines profound psychological insights with practical financial experience. Her vision and executional strength promote financial well-being on an individual and organizational level, making her a driving force in our team and for our clients.


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